By Joey De Jesus


many manly men
manly men in menswear
many men swear
manly men swear, fuck,
men wear pinstripes and paisleys
man’o’man a manly man
manly men align their ties
many men tie the knot

1 love, man…
2 parts and 3-part suits
mmm, a pair of pants on a manly man
manly men eating pears, juiced
many pairs of men on the prairie
line their clothes on clothing lines
pin a pair of socks up
many men in line, line up
many men in pairs in line
so many men aligned, allied
closed church, churched out
many men in church clothes
getting married. many merry men
press clothing for the press
“two married men in Massachussetts”
dance! two men line dance a last dance
pin a boutonniere to pinstripes
how do I catalog a line? a man’s chest?
chestnut? man arms, men-at-arms
many armed man’o’war man down
man up! I love
a manly man, suited up, a suitor
with a cold heart. a suit of hearts.


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Joey De Jesus received his BA from Oberlin College and is completing his MFA in poetry at Sarah Lawrence College. He was the creative director of the Sarah Lawrence Poetry Festival in 2012. His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in LUMINA vol. X., LUMINA vol. XI and The Cortland Review. He was the first-place winner of the LUMINA prize in poetry in 2012, judged by Carolyn Forche. His video installations, "A Hawk and a Broken Home" and "Hoax" have appeared in Kinetic//Brim, an event hosted by Harvestworks in New York City (2011).

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