There was the loneliness I kept in the cupboard
next to the sugar & the pile of dead ants
I told you in confidence I was done with sex
You didn’t laugh but
I could tell you were laughing
Have you looked in my sock drawer lately?
I lie/I don’t have
a drawer for my socks
My room’s a mess
There’re newspapers guarding
the hardwood from black paint
In another life this is all very interesting
to you/to me
In another life my mother is a falcon
The apartment smells like eggs
Sometimes I dream I wake up
covered in blood & I’m not sure
if it’s mine


JOE NICHOLAS is an agender evolution of experiments and experiences, as well as the editor of The Screaming Sheep. Their work can be found or is forthcoming in alien mouth, BOAAT, Chiron Review, Found Poetry Review, Fruita Pulp, and other wonderful magazines. Their chapbook Street Monk is forthcoming from Bottlecap Press. They can be found at 8rainCh1ld.tk.

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