It’s not my fault.
I was framed.
I may be pretty,
but I’m not that pretty.
I didn’t fashion the tanks
build the guns
forge the swords that slashed—
and I didn’t think Paris or Achilles
were very good looking either.

If only they’d listened to Cassandra
we wouldn’t be in this mess
she said, “Don’t let that horse in,
don’t do it!”
But did they listen?
Maybe they just thought she was
bein’ all premenstrual or somethin’
although that’s usually the time
when women are the most supernaturally in tune
to be sure.

Ipigenia was sacrificed,
killed by her own father
so that his sails would set,
winds would blow;
oh yah, well BLOW on THIS Agamemnon,
your wife Clytemnestra had the right idea
cheatin’ on ya
and then killin’ ya!

Circe didn’t turn Odysseus’s men
into pigs, they were already pigs!
After rapin’ and pillagin’
they come and sponge off her?
Never, I mean NEVER
try to mooch a free meal
from a witch—
it’s unheard of!

If I were Kalypso
and some flirty guy
outta the clear blue sky
dropped by on MY island,
first time in a hundred years or so,
well, I’d become pretty “obsessed” too,
wouldn’t you?
What makes him think he’s so great
and then he just takes off?
Rape, shmape.
I say he wanted it.

Penelope was kind enough
to wait around
for twenty years
‘til he got home;
he did,
and they did it,
they took it off
and got it on
but safe sex
in the bed he’d made—

they don’t call it
the Trojan War
for nothin’

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JEANNE MARIE SPICUZZA is an international writer, actress, filmmaker, performer, painter and herbalist, and the founder of Seasons & a Muse corporations. A member of the Alliance of Women Directors, Film Fatales and Cinefemme, Jeanne Marie holds a B.A. in philosophy and psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. While working on her M.A. in philosophy, she studied acting in London and Los Angeles, and art history in Italy. Finalist, nominee and winner of various awards, including the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting, the Golden Headset Award, the National Organization for Women “Woman of the Year” and the Shepherd Express Best Performance Artist of the Year, Jeanne Marie is published in A Gathering of Tribes, Blue Fifth Review, Poetic Diversity and others. Her films have screened at Wisconsin Film Festival, Portobello Film Festival, LA Femme International Film Festival and more. Her premiere feature thriller, “The Scarapist,”™ won the VDKUF Award for best picture at the Berlinale European Film Market in 2016. Jeanne Marie is currently in post-production of her second motion picture, “Night Rain.” She is in active development of two additional motion picture projects, “Making Angels” and “Breath of God,” and is writing two new screenplays. An audio segment of her screenplay “Breath of God” from her self-titled CD is on permanent exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum. A mother and grandmother, Jeanne Marie lives in Los Angeles with her husband, film composer and Violent Femmes and BoDeans drummer, Guy Hoffman.

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