one day

By Kathryn Magendie


one day
she thought no wonder writers
blow their brains out
and the thought startled her
fascinated her in its sneaking up behind her
slapping her upside the head
she stood and wandered
who had hollered such a thing
who would think such a thought
who would take things so far
the entire word became real just then
the soles of her feet picked up sugar from the floor
her arms goosebumped from a cool breeze
her hair fell into her eyes
her fingers rubbed the wood of the banister
breathing breathing breathing breathing breathing
its all about the breathing


KATHRYN MAGENDIE is a writer, editor, author of Tender Graces, and Co-Editor/Publisher of the Rose & Thorn. She was born a West-by-god Virginia Hillbilly (and proud of it), moved here, there, and yonder, places like Virginia and Texas; and even Ohio, which really does exist, was stuck in the swamps of South Louisiana for many years, and one fine morning left behind her moss-filled grandfather oak trees in South Louisiana and floated off to Home in a tucked-in cove in Maggie Valley, Western North Carolina, where she spins tales, drinks Deep Creek Blend coffee, an occasional vodka tonic with lime or good red wine, and contemplates the glow of Old Moon over her little log house. She has a thirty-pound dog, and a ninety-pound dog with big teeth (there's a husband, too), and she’s become a bit reclusive, except for when she must get out and tout the book—the drive off the mountain slips her teeth on edge in that good way and sometimes she runs-on her sentences because she doesn’t get out much.

When she writes in the third person like this, she doesn’t like it, because it makes her feel a bit wonky and silly, but then it’s kind of pleasant, that distance. Her short stories, essays, photography, and a few sad and listless poems, have been published in both online and print publications, mostly in the south, but sometimes by Yankees. Tender Graces: A Virginia Kate Saga is her first novel; she is working on the second Virginia Kate Saga novel, Secret Graces, and a collection of short stories. Visit her website or blog or Twitter.

7 responses to “one day”

  1. Judy Prince says:

    Beautiful shock-segue, Kathryn, from the mind-wander to the real-feels and on to an ultimate pragmatic philosophy.

    Thank you!



  2. Dear Kathryn, The thought, texture and complexity of this piece are most pleasing as the closing embraces the idea then quietly holds the moment in light of reality.
    As ever be well,
    Stephen Craig Rowe

  3. A beautiful meditation, Kathryn. Indeed, it’s all about the breathing.

  4. kat magendie says:

    Thank you for the lovely comments . . . and for reading . . . *smiling*

  5. hi Kathryn have missed you at our meetings and see you on facebook and read your article in Fresh.
    Your talent is so natural and enjoy reading. keep writing.

  6. Sandra Leigh says:

    A beautiful moment of enlightenment, Kat – I love the play on worlds!


  7. kat magendie says:

    Thank you for your words of encouragement…*smile*

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