Sentimental scars disregarded. Response
cuts; incisions you chose not to delve into. The black
residue of removed yesterdays – unrest. Settled
into harrowed, addled, a discomforted occupancy.
Morning, plied year-round. Live-in
cadaver: diligent; despondent. Dead

Wake. Never fully
rejuvenated. Stitched and stabilized. Released.
Soon after the sutures come out. Follow-up
steps are planned: “A Path to Recovery.” It gets better
until you are healed – like inferior tissue. You thrive,
learning to live again. Aware. Let the routine

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LOUIS CRISITELLO, JR. currently lives with his wife of over two years in Colts Neck, New Jersey. He spent this year delving heavily into the confessional poets and immersing himself in the outdoors. Though this has been a productive year in writing for him, he regularly shakes his head at the 20 or so poems he cannot bring to completion. Prior to taking an extended hiatus from writing, his work appeared in various online magazines.
Louis continues to work on a collection of poems that he hopes will see the light of day soon. He thanks you for taking the time to read his work and appreciates your comments.

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