By Lindsey Lewis


White fuzz green
stemmed dreams
long along the lawn:
plush sidewalk cushion.
Each seedpod
hardly attached,
bristling to float
away. Today
I uproot
a sole bloom,
press the white
to my lips,
tint the tips
with lipstick
usher each

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LINDSEY LEWIS is a student at UCR’s Palm Desert Low Residency MFA program. She is just staring her second year working in Poetry and her first in Non-Fiction. Her BA is in English/Creative Writing with an emphasis in poetry, and some of her work as appeared in The Pacific Review and Krax, along with various other happy publishing homes. Prior to coming to UCR she worked as a Creative Writing Teacher and a Poetry Editor for The Pacific Review. Currently she is working on at least one poetry collection, but it just might spawn into two, along with serving as a reader for The Whistling Fire online magazine.

6 responses to “Wishers”

  1. Ben Loory says:

    this reminds me of when i used to have a tortoise. he liked to eat dandelions but there were none in my yard, so i’d go on these long walking tours of the neighborhood, stealing people’s dandelions and putting them in my pockets. forgot about that. it was years ago. anyway, i like the poem.

  2. Lovely!
    I really enjoy the repeated sounds/rhyme: lips, tips, lipstick.

  3. I particularly enjoy “tint the tips with lipstick” and the poem’s muted joy. Cheers, Lindsey.

  4. Judy Prince says:

    Vivid details wrapped in clear singing music, Lindsey.

    Our resident poet-guy, Uche Ogbuji, would, I’ll wager, love the sounds of this poem, as I do.


  5. Iva Duvnjak (BellaTheHappyLoser) says:

    Love the visual and your inclusion of colors…green,white, and lipstick.

    I like the way it speeds up with that “to my lips,tint the tips with lipstick”

    I hope your wishes and dreams come true…in hearts 🙂


    Autumn aphid
    rides parachute
    above dandelion forest


  6. Lindsey Lewis says:

    Thanks for the kind words! It is a pleasure to simply have someone read my poems; receiving comments on them is more than I could ask.

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