[The following poems are from Laura Theobald’s forthcoming poetry collection, KOKOMO (Disorder Press), which will be released on September 10th of this year. Preorder your copy here.]





I love the word cunt

I said cunt at the bar

and my friend’s mom said

it was a fighting word where she was from

I said I love the word cunt

the mom looked pissed

I think she might have wanted to fight me

I said I call my friends cunts all the time

I didn’t mention

that my friends don’t actually like that

and that actually those friends don’t even talk to me anymore

miserable cunt

but I didn’t like this woman telling me what to do

I didn’t care if she was in remission

and down from Michigan for her daughter’s birthday

and that I was acting like a cunt

I said cunt is a beautiful word

cunt is a word for my pussy

and for when I’m acting like a cunt

she said that’s the worst thing you can say about a person

I said that is just your opinion

I could tell she thought I was trash

sometimes people will think you’re trash

when you’re trying to make a point

later she saw me playing pool and said

she wanted to get along

but that I shouldn’t say that word

I said I was sorry she didn’t like it but

I was going to keep saying it

she said I shouldn’t say it again

I said I would

she said she liked Blondie

I put a quarter in the jukebox and played Blondie

and she went away





for my first eight years

I didn’t know I was alive

then my grandma put some butterflies in a jar

and their wings stopped

and we placed their bodies behind glass

sometimes when I’m alive now

I can’t remember what I’ve said

but when I feel love

I feel like my heart could stop





maybe my Aunt will think

that poem is macabre

what I have to say about that word

is that it is true

I’m sorry Aunt Dolores

I’m not a Christian

I’m sorry all of my family

who fell out of love with me





why is my heart sad now

I got beamed into a sad book

for two days reading it

I had a terrible secret

and when I finished

no one could understand me

the world had changed





LAURA THEOBALD grew up in the Florida Keys and lives in the South. Her first book of poetry is What My Hair Says About You. She has an MFA in poetry from LSU and makes books for OOMPH! and BOAAT. Her website is lauratheobald.tumblr.com @lidleida

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