Four Poems

By Maria Canzano






I sit in the kitchen with the back door open 

and the man next door smokes 

he sounds like he could be my uncle 

or maybe one of the men 

who used to play cards below my bedroom window 

and hide from their wives in the summer






“the word for key again?” 

“chiave, chiave, chiave” 

to use the bathroom at the beach 

the corner of a spiky house 

the railing where I sat 

and then swung back 

I thought there would be a bump 

when I shaved my head a decade later 

but it was round as an allium flower 

what a funny compliment






traveling between hedges 

to the house on the hill 

he says nuns are the devil 

and I am afraid to tell him my name





when I was confirmed 

I chose the name St. Francis 

because of the animals 


there was a statue of him at my grandmother’s house 

and now it is in our backyard


I watched him dig back there 

with long hairs in between his toes 


can I tell you the story of when 

he sat at the foot of the bed 

and barked at the ceiling 


he was talking to my best friend



artwork by Maria Canzano


Maria Canzano is an artist living in Baltimore. She studies painting at the Maryland Institute College of Art. You can follow her on instagram @mariacanzanoart

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