when speaking of reincarnation
nobody ever says
“I want to be a Chihuahua”
but what if you found out that Chihuahuas tremble
because they are in a constant state of orgasm?

if you are a nymphomaniac or an addict
you might think twice about this

if you are in any other category
you might view this as irrational:
the Chihuahua doesn’t shake
to trigger its G spots
it is in constant fear of the creator of the sky
whose winged beasts eat
little creatures with wet eyes like peeled grapes
it is possible that the Chihuahua understands
that orgasm is an act of will
you must play hard
practice daily
the free swing of a dangling leg

what if you could just hold a Chihuahua
and have fifty bouts of multiple orgasms?

there would be Chihuahuas
in the windows at Nordstrom

generations of writers would be stuck in Mexico
penning hip hop memoirs of twitching bitches

imagine the poet
with Señorita Perfecta climbing up his leg
a tequila worm in her teeth
strange kicks for the weirdest of the weird who
celebrate the transfiguration
the becoming of the animal with the
least amount of time to reflect on philosophy
to suddenly be threatened by everything
the postman
the devil
corporate fast food
Yo No Quiero
Bio-Genetically-Engineered Taco Bell, Buey
a dog that yelps in the spirit of fear
and rebellion
a short-haired coitus machine
in a world where everyone thinks you’re annoying
but you know the truth

when speaking of reinarnation
nobody ever says “Chicken,” either
but this is a subject for another time
a different era
the days of dogs with short legs
and birds that refuse to fly
because the grass is soft and easy

here is wisdom:
neither the Chihuahua nor the Chicken
will ever peck your eyes out for your religious beliefs
they will not eat your liver to save your soul

remember this
and go forth
and pick corn
and eat pussy
and be careful
because god is watching…

and god is not watching

in the Grand Scheme of Things
whether you become the stone, the tree
the gasoline rainbow slick on University Avenue
the breath of wind
the battery acid in the vibrating pink kitty kat
come on back
be mindful
look deeply
and touch yourself and your friends
in mysterious ways

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MICHAEL KLAM organizes and hosts the Poetry & Art Series at the San Diego Art Institute in Balboa Park. The series began in 2001 and features acclaimed musicians, visual artists, dancers, and poets. Klam's freelance work has appeared in San Diego CityBeat, The San Diego Daily Transcript, Voice of San Diego, and La Prensa San Diego. As a teacher, Klam co-created the Page to Canvas to Stage program, bringing poets, painters, and K-12 students together to create visual art and perform poetry. His publisher is Puna Press.

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