This is my record of quitting smoking with the cessation drug Chantix.

Note 1: Always consult your doctor about drug dosages.

Note 2: This is not the diary of a pack-a-day puffer. I cannot attest to the stuff’s efficacy with hardcore smokers.

But I can attest to a hardcore and irrational love for smoking.

Especially with wine.

Or vodka tonics.

Or Baileys.

Or anything alcoholic, let’s be honest.

I love smoking on my balcony before bed staring at the moon.

I love smoking on foreign beaches.

I love smoking on special occasions.

Stressful occasions.

Occasions such as Saturday.

I’d never take a smoke break at work – that’s gross – but happy hour on a Wednesday? Pass the lighter.

This year I turned 30, which is simply too old to be smoking.

How does Chantix work? you may be wondering.

Varenicline, the mellifluous chemical in Chantix, sneaks up and latches on the nicotinic receptors in your brain.

Normally when you smoke nicotine attaches to those nicotinic receptors, sending a message to your brain to release dopamine.

But when Varenicline’s hanging out it prevents nicotine from binding itself to the same pleasure receptors, meaning you can’t derive pleasure from nicotine.

Essentially, Chantix cock blocks your Marlboro Lights.


Because it takes a week to build up in the body, popping half a milligram twice daily of Chantix has no discernible effect. Continue to smoke when the mood strikes.

USEFUL READER TIP – In Texas at least, the cheapest place to fill your Chantix script is the pharmacy at Sam’s Club. Membership not required.


One milligram twice daily (double the dosage) doesn’t fuck around.



I keep attempting to smoke but my beloveds smell and taste like industrial polymer, like the poison they are.

The last thing I love is no longer lovable.

Relief/grief. It’s a weird combo.




Forming a complete thought is

Secondhand smoke makes me heave.

I nearly pass out in my hot yoga class. Which may be the Chantix or the 105 degree heat. Hard to say. I manage to stagger from the room despite the teacher’s dirty look. You are not supposed to leave the room in hot yoga. It’s very bad form.

I meekly apologize to the teacher after class, after twenty panicky minutes sitting in the stinky locker room trying not to die.


Fuck that guy in grade 10 who stole his mother’s Du Mauriers and brought them to school.

Fuck RJR.

Fuck me.


The rest of the side effects have arrived at that side effect frat party going on my body. Shortness of
breath/dizziness/headaches/irritability/nightmares/and because I write anonymously I will admit/ diarrhea.

Like PMS and food poisoning together.



Mild depression.

Chantix has locked into my nicotinic receptors like Z tetrads into T tetrads. The only urge is hand to mouth. Attempted smoking tastes repulsive.

When I’m lucky enough to actually be asleep I have vivid, acid trip nightmares the online ex-smoker community refers to as Chantix Dreams. Usually involving graphic violence and/or rough sex acts.

Pfizer unleashes a barrage of “GetQuit” email encouragements written by idiots who clearly never suffered from a nicotine addiction.

Example email encouragement: You’ve been Quit for 3 weeks. Reward yourself with a latte!

Idiots. Latte is standard.

I deserve porcelain veneers.

Or Lasik eye surgery. Some major health-related reward.


The nightmares are euphemistically noted on the warning papers stapled to the paper bag the pharmacy gives you like this: Changes in dreaming are possible.



I’m up. UP.

The doctor’s office opens in three more hours. Christ.

I think about my life.

Overlooking a few things, my life is pleasant.

I think about my clothes. Mental wardrobe inventory.

I think about being awake and bored.

I get up, get ready, get going.

Eight on the dot I call Dr. Williams and rattle off the list of side effects.

Just go ahead and stop taking the medication, he says.

Cold turkey? I ask incredulously. At this point I’ve been reading the online Chantix forums and I know the cold turkey thing is not good (which I relay this to Dr. Williams, I think a little testily).

Back to half a milligram then, he suggests (I think a little impatiently). The side effects tend to show up at the higher dosage. We hang up.

Where the fuck did Dr. Williams go to medical school? I wonder to myself for the first time in the five years I’ve been going to him.

Irritated, I stomp to the kitchen and cut every pill in two. Little blue bits go flying behind the stove and fridge under the force of the knife.


I’ve got this shit on lock.

0.5mg in the mornings only, on a full stomach only.

Pound water all day.

Some type of exhausting cardio after work.

Tylenol PM Rapid Release Gels before bed.



I don’t smoke any more.

Smoking is over for me.

I am a non-smoker.

I’m still taking half a milligram of Chantix. I’m still having nightmares that would make Wes Craven piss himself. I’m still taking the odd puff at the bar when my decision-making skills are impaired by alcohol and it still tastes like nail polish remover with gasoline. When I even go to bars. Drinking without smoking = sex without orgasm.

In summary, Chantix at the lower dosage doesn’t limit normal life functioning and it makes cigarettes suck.

Depression and sleeplessness seem like a small price to pay for breaking an addiction.

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MEGAN POWER lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Visit her blog:

13 responses to “The Chantix Diaries, A ‘No Discipline Required’ Guide To Quitting Smoking”

  1. Over a year since I last read this and it’s still my favorite TNB post. I quit smoking with Chantix also and had the craziest, most violent, real and intense nightmares of my life. I freely tell friends about your story. I’m like, you’ve got to read this. It’s so funny. And so true.

    • Megan says:

      Hi Jeffrey Pillow my co-contributor. this is the comment equivalent of diamonds. Thanks very much for referring it, really.

  2. Matt says:

    This is one of the greatest things I have ever read. I quit with Chantix a year and a half ago and to this day still can’t talk about some of the nightmares. My wife also still reminds me of how mean I was to her while I was quitting. I have already to a number of people about this post.

    • Megan says:

      Matt you better take your wife out for a nice dinner. I’m happy I was single during the Chantix times. I was unbearable too.

  3. Thad Cheyney says:

    excellent writing .

  4. Nicole says:

    Hey, great post. It had me in stitches I laughed so hard. But in all seriousness, are you still quit? I just started Chantix and was wondering.

  5. Kris Cannon says:

    Getting ready to start Chantix. This was wonderful and encouraging too! Thank you for the laughs and the inspiration.

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  9. Craig Johnson says:

    Hello. I found your website as I Googled ‘fuck Chantix.’ I understand that this blog documents WHEN you were taking the drug… and you say ‘sleepless nights and anxiety are a small price to pay to quit smoking (paraphrase)’ Sure, that happens WHILE you are on the drug. I want to know what has happened to you since. I am now 2 years off of Chantix and a non-smoker but the side effects have come and they have come HARD. Sure, while taking the drug you’re almost on a high… maybe anxious though, a little sleep deprived from nightmares etc. But the lasting effects have crept up on me and I was wondering if they had on you as well. I’m experiencing irrational hostility, depression, foggy headedness, and random nights with ZERO sleep. It seems that these symptoms only come around when I am happy about something or am about to go on a trip. I believe Chantix killed so so many of my pleasure receptors and is still doing so. Please advise. Chantix is the devil. I hope you’re well, I do realize this post is from a while back.

  10. Karina says:

    Hi I need to know if I can just take .5mlg twice a day on the whole treatment 3 months ..I’m just not feeling wel(very depressed )l on my 8 day which is 1 mpg twice a day …help!! Btw I reduce my cig intake so far to 3 a day I smoked 15 a day for 30 years

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