trying to fit my feelings
into these words
is like I’m stuffing
twenty-eight green balloons
into a picture frame
first I would hold one down
and release
with a flick of my pen
its pop and hiss
too violent
for the others
one by one
I would hold up to my face
untie and breathe in
what you breathed out
and tied off
and together
with its twenty-seven allies
placed them in this living room
with no ceremony
you said we needed them in our lives
and if we gave them
space and attention
they would find a purpose

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MARTIN MENEFEE is a triplet from Montgomery Alabama who previously published poems while an undergraduate at Brown University in Clerestory Journal of the Arts and Bluestockings Magazine. Martin currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with his two brothers and is an aspiring civil rights lawyer attending law school.

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  1. Kool! Keep writing!

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