That weekend, on Fourth Street
Where the No. One meets the Nine,
It was only I
Who brought the two lines together.

The line going downtown
Carried sleepy immigrant men to work.
The other line turned round
Taking maids to wealthy homes,
And it dropped me off at a foothill.

In the canyon, I constantly asked myself:
When will theseĀ  working families
Sit on the same line?

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MAJID NAFICY, the Rimbaud of Iran, fled his country in 1983, a year and half after the execution of his wife Ezzat in Tehran. He has published two collections of poetry, Muddy Shoes (Beyond Baroque Books, 1999), and Father and Son (Red Hen press 2003), as well as his doctoral dissertation, Modernism and Ideology in Persian Literature (University Press of America, 1997) in English.

4 responses to “To Mexican Immigrants”

  1. kafieh says:

    Thank you Majidjan. I want them in farsi

  2. Sara Habein says:

    I liked this a lot. Well done.

  3. Stella Marr says:

    So loved this powerful poem.

    This is a poem based on my experience as a call girl in NYC

  4. Stella Marr says:

    So moved by the two lines — the pulling apart. Thank you for being in the world and writing

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