Dear O, I’ve been told drink makes
truth froth from a soul’s center.

When we first met you slurred
your words—said I had eyes
bright as birds—how you wanted
to hold flight.

I thought you were making a punch
line of me—how as a child a tree
branch stole my eye.

So, I handed you my glass globe
replacement and left. I never
expected you to follow after me—

knocking on my door with gifts
of return— explaining how you
loved to play marbles—entering

me with my eye in your palm—
seeing my face, not as a void,
but a window.


first appeared in Ampersand


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NICELLE DAVIS is a California poet, collaborator, and performance artist who walks the desert with her son J.J. in search of owl pellets and rattlesnake skins. Her most recent collection, The Walled Wife, is available from Red Hen Press. In the Circus of You is available from Rose Metal Press. The author of two other books of poetry, Becoming Judas is available from Red Hen Press and her first book, Circe, is available from Lowbrow Press. Her poetry film collaborations with Cheryl Gross have been shown across the world. She currently teaches at Paraclete High School.

4 responses to “Vision Happens Regardless of Sight”

  1. Doug Bruns says:

    Oh my, but I love this poem.
    Thank you.

  2. Pete DeLorean says:

    Really really loved it!

  3. Nicelle says:

    Thank you, thank you for the kind messages.

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