Two Poems

By Phoebe VanDusen



Night Terrors as Self-portrait 


Tonight, I am your commercial
daughter, no swallow just bite
and smile. You see, this bed
is my cacophony, my nothing,
my halves, my faithful herd
dog, my white flag of surrender,
my thrash for help. This is where
you can tell I am fractured.
I’m ashamed of all my shame
I try to make sense of my sins,
of my cervix, I throw a service
for my ex-lovers. I dress them
in shrouds of toothbrushes and guilt.
I force them to compliment my body
of written work. Inside my humid
head, I am as lonely as a tyrant, irate
aiming for the jugular. I slice all mangos,
lace, and air. I fuck the faceless
goblin in the gothic attic, overcome
I weep above his dead green
body, and then I say hello!
Hello, sack of talking peeled grapes!
Hello, my rapist!
Hello, lobster devouring my boss’s head!
Hello, celebrity I can’t quite place!
Hello, woman who broke my heart!
What you have all heard is true, I am not
a good person but I know that I could be
a fantastic goat.


◊ ◊ ◊


the fire 


last night
there was a fire 


all the houses
all but one burned down


no one was harmed
but your favorite


now there are no trees
but we never had many 


i want to be a quitter
to have snuggled flame 


to take up less
space and less sound 


but i keep on and keep on
and keep on and keep



collage by Chiara Wood


Phoebe VanDusen is a poet and bookseller from Brooklyn, NY. Her poems have been published in or are forthcoming from Hey I’m Alive, Button Eye Review, the Eunoia Review, and elsewhere. She received her BA from Bennington College in 2019. instagram @bacon_phatt

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