Among this celestial navigation,
under horse and crowns
lies these unrelenting light patterns,

my spiritual eyes are weakened,
my spiritual eyes are awakened,

massive tangled hair in my eyes,
I am the flowers of the dead earth,

in a blanket of darkness,
in a blanket of blackness.

You fly me –
You fly me –

as I walk into the sky
never to be tamed,

I once walked the lit path to be found,
proof that I lived
like restless pages in the wind.


PAIGE SIMKINS is a poet who lives with her dog, Sir Simon Theo Wujcik Salvador Dali McBride Simkins, in Tampa, Florida. She received a Bachelor degree in English (CRW) and a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science. She works as a Public Librarian and is very passionate about poetry, libraries, VW Beetles, and visual art. Her poems have appeared in the Tulane Review, Convergence, The Eclectic Muse,  Literary Juice, Burningword Literary Journal, The Wayfarer, Bluestocking Magazine, aaduna, American Chordata, Furious Gazelle, Friday’s Poems, Crack the Spine, and Stepping Stones Magazine.

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