Sherry Green peeks through the skeleton hole. The room is black and white and dingy. There’s a very fat woman and a very fat man. They sit on the bed and pull off their shirts. They bump their naked bellies over and over. They cannot stop laughing.

A man kisses his son good night and tucks him in. He ruffles his hair. Then he walks into the kitchen and fucks his wife against the wall. They both cum.

Lucy kisses Snoopy. He turns red. Now he is a red dog.

The rooster gets on the hen’s back and pecks and bites her neck. He squirts his spunk inside her. Then he climbs off and trots away. She puffs her feathers out and clucks mad clucks. The next day, she lays an egg. Then a chick pops out.

A young girl falls in love with Michelangelo’s David. Every day she walks round and round and looks and looks. One day she leans back and cranes her neck. She falls backwards and hits her head. Now she’s dead.

A boy kisses a girl in the choir loft. She kisses him back. Mother Ingrid pulls them apart and sends them to the priest. The next day, he goes down on her in the confessional.

A male housecat follows a female housecat into the woods. The male cat rubs his body against the female cat’s body. She claws at his face. She hisses and spits, then hisses again.

A long time ago, four kids went wading in a shallow creek. The girl who would grow up to be your granny did not like the hairy legs of the man who would grow up to be your granddaddy. He asked her out and she said no. He asked her again and she said no. He kept asking until she said yes. They were married for sixty-five years. Then he died. Then she died.

Two storks fly to the lake. They kiss with their beaks, they hug with their wings. The male stork gets on top of the female stork and squirts lake water into her bottom hole. Nine months later she pushes a baby out of her bottom hole. The male stork flies the baby through your mother’s window and shoves it into your mother’s stomach. 

It’s summer. A man and a woman walk by each other in the park. Then they turn around and walk back. Neither of them says anything. They walk into the bushes. She performs fellatio, he performs cunnilingus. She goes to sleep. He goes to sleep. She wakes up, he’s gone.

A midwife catches a baby. She puts the baby on its mother’s stomach. She cuts the cord. The baby mews. Then the baby screams.

A dog fucks his lady friend doggie style. They are both laughing. They are both happy. A woman with ugly shoes and hairy warts comes out of the house and turns the hose on them. They keep laughing. They keep fucking.

A tin man is walking down the road. Another tin man is walking up the road. They sit down under a tree. The first tin man stuffs the other tin man’s chest with daisies and hummingbirds. The second tin man stuffs the first tin man’s chest with apples and cherries and baby’s breath. They embrace. They cry. They never move.

A blue eyed girl and a brown eyed girl want a family. The blue eyed girl brings odds and ends from the dump. The brown eyed girl buys horse hair from the farmer’s wife. They construct a mechanical baby. They feed it carrot puree and smashed green peas. It never cries. It never grows.

A lonely Jack-in-the-Box waits for love. One day, a child turns his crank and the music plays and he pops up with joy. The child screams and throws him out the window.

It’s snowy. A very old woman and a very old man get under the quilts. They kiss, then they spoon. They never wake up.


REBECCA COOK’s books are a novel, Click (New Rivers Press 2014), and two books of poems, I Will Not Give Over (Aldrich Press, 2013), and The Terrible Baby (Dancing Girl Press, 2006). New work is forthcoming in Seneca Review, Plume, and Menacing Hedge. You can find published work online at The Georgia Review, Atticus Review, the EEEL, BlazeVox, Map Literay, Split Lip, Stirring, Antioch Review, The Nervous Breakdown, The Rumpus, and many other journals. She blogs at

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