You wake up a sphere
of clear crystal and the bed
is in you. The blinds shoot

curved through your belly
and light glints where
there are no eyes.

You roll out of bed
and surprising legs lift
you, hands touch

your belly, shoulders
open, tangled hair
catches still

air, and the invisible
eyeball itches,
now two.

You scratch their edges,
rub with clumsy fists. Blink.
Shuffle to the toilet, the mirror.

And the flesh’s uncertain
and certain longings begin
knotting the endless net

of thoughts by which you
organize your day into
that which you

want and don’t want
to fall through you. This
is the morning’s way.

with thanks to Roethke, Emerson and Tenzin Wangyal


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RACHEL KELLUM lives on the eastern plains of Colorado where she teaches writing, humanities and art classes at Morgan Community College and chairs the visual arts program of MCC's Center for Arts and Community Enrichment. Her poetry has been featured in several online publications, including Barnwood International Poetry Magazine, Four Corners Free Press, Blood Lotus, Slow Trains, The New Verse News, The Telluride Watch, and Riseforms. In 2008, one of her poems was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Most recently, Rufous Press featured two of her poems in the international collection, Lush. Kellum performs her poetry around Colorado and blogs at, where you can learn more about her background and read her latest work. Her first book, Ah, published by Liquid Light Press, was released in August of 2012.

One response to “Waking into Sleep, Take Your Waking Slow”

  1. oh we should all be so lucky to wake this way. thanks for the wake up call …

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