Next Time Down

By Rick Lupert


Next time down
we’ll park the lawnmower on the other side of the mountain
we’ll mail celery to Aruba
we’ll write poems about writing poems, about writing poems

Next time down
everyone will get a free pen
everyone will get a free shirt
everyone will get a free willy

Next time down
this will all be recorded for our posterity
this will all be digitized for maximum flexibility
this will all be lost in the mail when
            the only copy is en route to the maker
                        the editor
                        the jester
                        the barber
                        the dog

Next time down
I will publish my novel on a grain of rice
I will exist solely on a diet consisting of
            novels written on grains of rice
I will make crayon drawings of the private thoughts
            of Condaleeza Rice

Next time down
there will only be poems about writing poems,
about writing poems
about writing poems
There will only be poems
We will not speak of these poems again.

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RICK LUPERT has been involved with L.A. poetry since 1990. He is the recipient of the 2014 Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center Distinguished Service Award and was a co-director of the Valley Contemporary Poets for 2 years. He created the Poetry Super Highway and hosted the weekly Cobalt Cafe reading for almost 21 years. He’s authored 17 collections of poetry, including Making Love to the 50 Foot Woman (Rothco Press, May 2015), The Gettysburg Undress and Nothing in New England is New, and edited the anthologies Ekphrastia Gone Wild, A Poet’s Haggadah and the noir anthology The Night Goes on All Night. He also writes and draws (with Brendan Constantine) the daily web comic Cat and Banana. He is regularly featured at venues throughout Southern California.

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