more destination than place
Los Angeles remains a
shifting landscape of
water and sand

mercy has little to do with life here

nor is this city the cruel, friendless,
kitten with a whip that many
would like to believe

make of it what you will
these eviscerated roads are my river
lit by the constant final flash of fame

a first and last chance city with
as many ways in
as there are out

some doors give you breaks
others leave you broken

coyotes heckle the anxious laughter
of countless gods
hawks surf the invisible wake
of tireless angels

we are homeless, home and
homeward bound to the distractions
and could never deny our stories
inked in blood

a phone rings
and excites the air
inside this wig rodeo
of love and death

a cancer of some undying hope
swells within the bones spinning
the myth and music of all things
possible under this
bleach blonde sun

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S.A. GRIFFIN is a universe in sleep's clothing. He lives, loves and works inside the mother of reinvention.

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