Please explain what just happened.

Well, I just got back from shooting a Lions football game… took off my shoes and came to the computer… terribly exciting!


What is your earliest memory?

I remember sitting on my living room floor with huge headphones listening to the Annie soundtrack on record for hours. I was probably two years old.


If you weren’t an actor, what other profession would you choose?

I actually wanted to go to the Coast Guard Academy and be an oceanographer. I couldn’t get in because of screws in my ankle.

Please describe the current contents of your refrigerator.

I’m on location filming, so I’m in a hotel. There are lots of $20 mini-bottles of alcohol (sometimes I like to hold them and pretend I’m a giant). At home I’d have to say, water and mustard. (A total “bachelor’s fridge.”)


Is there a time you wish you’d lied?

Yowza…. good question. I recently told a dear friend what I thought of the boy she had started dating when she was really looking for the stock best friend response of “No! I think he’s great! Not creepy at all!” She was a little upset with me.  (Needless to say…. they broke up after two dates.)


What would you say to yourself if you could go back in time and have a conversation with yourself at age thirteen?

I’d say that all the mean pretty people will grow up to be fat or bald!


If you could have only one album to get you through a breakup, what would it be?

Cold Spring Harbor (Billy Joel… my main man!!!)


What are three websites—other than your email—that you check on a daily basis?

According to my browser history,, (I’m constantly looking up people to figure out where I recognize them from),  and Youtube or Hulu.


From what or whom do you derive your greatest inspiration?

Anyone who overcomes a hardship to make it.


Name a book that changed your life.

Ohhhhh…. long list… (Cliff Notes Version)

The Fountainhead (taught me to truly think for myself)

To Kill a Mockingbird (It’s my favorite and started my love for books!)

The Jungle (why I will NEVER eat sausage!)

On The Road (got me through some crazy times in college)

Cat’s Cradle (gets my creative juices going every time.)

The Catcher In the Rye (simply because I LOVE it!)

A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius (see question #9)

The Tao of Pooh (helps me keep sane in my crazy business.)


If you could relive one moment over and over again, what would it be?

So many of my favorite moments take pace on the stage. Doing a show I love with people I adore.


How are you six degrees from Kevin Bacon?

I work on Friday Night Lights with Taylor Kitsch who worked with Yaani King in Gospel Hill who worked with Kevin Bacon in In The Cut.  (Wow, I’ve never done that! Only 3 away!)


What makes you feel most guilty?

I’m the queen of putting my foot in my mouth and realizing it later… I always feel so bad!


What would you most like to have invented?

Apple Inc. (That Steve Jobs is a smart man.)


What is the worst piece of advice you’ve ever gotten?

Hmmmm… We’re gettin’ pretty deep here….I was told that an acid peel would do wonders for my skin. I ended up with second degree burns that I still carry scars from.


What is the best advice you’ve ever given to someone else?

Peter Gallagher once told me, “Kid, just keep showing up.” Best advice I’ve ever gotten. It’s what I tell younger people who ask for advice on the “Biz”.  (Mind you, I stopped Mr. Gallagher on the street when I was 20 and asked him for advice as a newcomer to Broadway.)


What do you consider the harshest kind of betrayal?

I have two rules: Don’t mess with my family and don’t mess with my money. (That’s the G-rated version.)


Of all the game shows that have graced our TV screens throughout history, which one would you want to be a contestant on and why?

Any trivia show and I would fair pretty well, but I promise I would fail epically if I were on Wheel Of Fortune. I am awful at that game!


What do you want to know?

I wish I knew innately if people were honest and trustworthy.


What would you like your last words to be?

“Yup…. that was pretty good!!”


Please explain what will happen.

Like, HOW WILL I DIE? You’re a little morbid aren’t you?…I would like to think anything that is peaceful and painless.

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A native of Arlington, Texas, actress Stacey Oristano has been named one of the hottest females on television. Currently, Oristano can be seen playing the role of Mindy Collette on NBC’s sleeper hit Friday Night Lights.

Oristano began acting on the stage at five years old. “I was sitting backstage while my dad was performing at a show," she says. "I was watching the dancers in their beautiful costumes, they were laughing and having so much fun. I told my dad right then, that is what I wanted to do. I was six at the time, and I have pursued my dreams fully ever since."

Driven by the thrill of a live audience, Oristano pursued a career in theater attending The Rose Bruford School for Speech and Drama in London, where she received her BFA in Acting with an emphasis on Classical Theatre. While in London, she performed in numerous plays, including working in The West End playing Annelle in Steel Magnolias. Also an accomplished singer, Oristano has performed with a number of symphonies in New York, London, and Dallas.

Upon returning to the states, Oristano began working in television and voiceover. Her first television booking was for Comedy Central, on the series The Chappelle Show. Oristano also landed roles on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation  and Dragonball: Evolution. Oristano has excelled in the voiceover industry as well, and her voice has been heard on many children’s audio books, numerous cartoon shows, as well as commercials for companies such as Nationwide and Pepsi.

Aside from acting, Oristano loves music; she plays guitar and piano, and continues to work on musical productions. Oristano also provides her support and talent to various charities, including The Matthew Shepard Foundation and numerous women’s shelters.

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  1. Greg Olear says:

    Wow, two Cold Spring Harbor references at TNB in one week…”Tomorrow is Today,” indeed.

    You’re a riot on FNL, by the way. Even if you did maybe pick the wrong Riggins brother…

    Great to have you on the site.

  2. Gloria says:

    Wow, The Tao of Pooh and The Fountainhead on the same list. Interesting.

    And the giant answer – hilarious. 🙂

  3. Uche Ogbuji says:

    …The…Fountainhead… In the same sentence as “think for myself”…

    /me makes strangled noises in his throat…

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