Take down his nameplate. Throw out his cards
Cut up his badge. Tell all the guards.
Cancel his passwords. Prune the phone tree.
Drop him from every directory.

Empty his desk. Clear off his shelves.
Take his computer. Cancel his cell
Move his EA to some other floor.
Turn out his lights and lock the door.

Shred certain files. Give Legal the online casino rest.
Tell his accounts what to expect.
Make no announcement. Send no release.
Remind your reports, Don’t speak with police.

Take down the names of any who do.
Turn in this memo once you are through.


Poems by STEPHEN S. POWER has appeared in Blue Unicorn, Lyric, Measure, The New Formalist, Raintown Review, String Poet and many other journals. He lives in Maplewood, New Jersey and tweets at @stephenspower.

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