By Sunny Rey


Bell tower
Me in plaid, two fingered peace sign in a photograph dangling over the cliffs of Moer

Child’s voice singing in unknown tongue

Proposal to the girl in lace

Old man eating stroganoff alone under a raining window sill

I was right where you found me
Broken and all wrong

Leaving small poems inside tree stumps in grassy driveways up to abandoned castles

Too tough hearted to admit the loneliness

Teeth tighten into another grin
This time arms stretched wide in front of some parade on Sunday morning, smoke filled with bagpipes and tiny yellow flowers

Too jaded to admit the creeping missing of you

Slapping money down on more counters
Coffee shops
Bar tops
Hotel lobbies
Restaurant tables
Tip jars
Gypsy tarot cards
Second hand shops, buying another new leather top

Can’t find what this vessel looks to fill up back up

Remains empty on every outstretched mile
Leaving to the road I’ve never traveled

I utter the wish of you into the wind
For the sunrise to bring me by your side

Kiss the Blarney Stone
Wind the ring of Kerry
Drink back another stout
Make out with the man who’s lips hide inside a beard
Sloppy walk back to the Belvedere
Wake up to panties still on and coffee still without cream

Click the seatbelt, lean back for a long flight home
Looking down at the long night
Burning in the interim of yellow and for whoever he is.

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SUNNY REY is a San Diego-published poet with three collections available in stores or online at Barnes and Noble and Amazon: Quotes and Poems by a Nobody (2012, Garden Oak Press), ROT (2016, Garden Oak Press), and The Throw Aways (2018, Past Due Pulp). Sunny’s weekly poetry event, Poets Underground, has current residency inside the Acid Vault of Amplified Ale Works in the East Village of downtown San Diego (; easy to find and follow on Instagram and Facebook). She also partners with San Diego Writers Ink to host monthly writing workshops and can often be found as a guest speaker at local colleges. Sunny founded Poets for the People, a monthly opportunity for local poetry communities to come together to hand out hygiene kits, water, and a poem to local community members experiencing homelessness. It is Sunny’s passion and mission to create inclusive communities that thrive through creative expression and intense support.

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