This is when being an “official” blogger at the Feed really pays off. With not a sliver of compunction, I now point you to a page where you may pre-order my book of prose poetry, In This Alone Impulse, published by Noemi Press.

Here’s a fancy blurb about it from Brian Evenson:

“Locating itself on the boundary between poetry and fiction, In This Alone Impulse is beautifully replete with silence. One has the sense that the world outside is still there but dampened, and being reordered and reformed by the particular and peculiar logic and structures that these syntactically inventive prose blocks have. And yet, despite the formal concerns these pieces seem remarkably human and remarkably painful, opening up the blank avenues of a lone life. With each reading these pieces change, seeming less and less enigmatic and more insistently full of lyrical human meaning. A marvelous and original sequence; there’s really nothing else out there like it.”

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SHYA SCANLON is the Fiction Reviews Editor for The Nervous Breakdown. Scanlon's work has appeared in the Mississippi Review, Literary Review, New York Quarterly, Guernica Magazine, Opium Magazine, and others. His book of prose poetry, In This Alone Impulse, was published by Noemi Press in January, 2010. In 2009, his novel Forecast was serialized online across 42 journals and literary blogs as part of the Forecast 42 Project. Forecast will be published by Flatmancrooked in December, 2010. He received his MFA from Brown University, where he was awarded the John Hawkes Prize in Fiction. Please visit him at www.shyascanlon.com.

9 responses to “In This Alone Impulse”

  1. Badass. I’m going to get it when it comes out.

  2. Shya Scanlon says:

    Thanks! Having been working primarily in long-form fiction for the past four years (it was composed in the summer of 06), it’s a little strange for me to be thrust back into the midst of these micro-prose-poetry-thingies as this collection finally hits the bookshelves. But it’s also exciting, like getting catching an image of myself in the mirror as a younger (more optimistic?) man.

  3. I’ve been working on some poetry projects. But I never know what to do with them. I’m not known in any poetry circles nor went to creative writing school. So I have no street cred. But I’m still working on them. One is called “Statues.”

    Looking forward to your book, especially since it sounds like a poetry-prose hybrid of sorts. Congrats on all your success.

  4. Aaron Dietz says:

    Love the cover! That’s some good design, there.

    I’ve put in a purchase request at my library. Hopefully they’ll buy, like, a million copies. And I just pre-ordered a copy for myself, as well.

  5. Shya Scanlon says:

    Don’t have the cash to make a purchase? Another thing you can do is recommend it to your local library–a great practice to get into with all your favorite small press titles. I’ve compiled a list of a few online recommendation pages here: http://bigother.com/2010/01/24/like-it-recommend-it/ If your library isn’t on the list, add it to the thread!

  6. […] soon be organizing a book release event for In This Alone Impulse, and for it I’m gathering as many writers as I can, each of who will read a brief excerpt of the […]

  7. […] soon be organizing a book release event for In This Alone Impulse, and for it I’m gathering as many writers as I can, each of who will read a brief excerpt of the […]

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