In solidarity with Black Lives Matter, TNB Poetry has created this space for BIPOC voices to shine. We will be publishing work by Black poets daily.  Black Lives Matter.

In the throes of war,
the body keeps
in FIGHT or flight.


sharp in—and–out-in-out-in-in mouth breaths keep the fire RAGING.
blood floooows to hindbrains before spilling.

as I scream “Americaaaaaaaa, Americaaaaaaaaa”…


Oedipus was warned of the fates of the empires of old.
Our sphinx asked,
“What is the creature that walks on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon, and three in the evening?”

Oedipus answered, “man,” and became the king of Thebes,
but even kings cannot escape prophecy.


…all cycles return to where they begin

birth death women and kin


Empires of old bled dry

Her blood is the only that should ever spill…wombs guided like the tides

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