the broadcast of a tea kettle
the ignition of a ghost fog

mercury snapping through linden
& the orchard’s doe is polka-dotted

on a road as open as a new notebook;
you, snow-stormed in the dawn of exits

husband & harpooner

with an iceberg caving in the thorax

if you were to leave, do so without
the blunted ricochet of footfalls

the recession is always
a naked anodyne

on the place mat, the pin-grate
of butterknives & soupspoons

a pillar of sugar-cubes
a kingdom of breadcrumbs

my heart rotting away in strawberry pits
his eyes, brief, peridot tinted cardamom

our own dole of a dull sweetness
where she remains seated, thankful

for the all that the tongue has learned
to erase and treasure simultaneously


SCHEREZADE SIOBHAN's work has been published in Muse India, Danse Macabre, Bluestem Magazine, PIX Quarterly, Whalesound, Mixed Fruit, Gutter Eloquence, Looseleaf Tea, Cactii, Words Dance, The Newer York, Black Cat Poems, Hermeneutic Chaos Journal, Sein und Verden, ExFic, New Bourgeois, Eunoia Review, Black & Blue Writing, Jaggery Lit, Cordite Poetry Review,, and has been published in Compass Rose’s print anthology. She is also a Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net anthology nominee for poetry. 

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