Australian rock titans AC/DC have sold over 200 million albums on the back of a ferocious work ethic, hundreds of world tours and an unimpeachable talent for crafting hook-heavy, fist-pumping anthems. Signing licensing arrangements with pretty much anyone who makes anything, AC/DC’s brand is now as ubiquitous as the Coca-Cola logo.

Music fans know that AC/DC’s odyssey from bar band to Rock and Roll Hall of Famers has been anything but smooth. In 1980, on the eve of outrageous success, the band was felled by the death of their iconic lead singer Bon Scott. That he died just as the band released Highway to Hell, the album that launched them into the commercial stratosphere, seemed bitterly ironic, if not darkly ominous.

Please explain what just happened.

Not sure, but whatever it was, I’m sorry.


What is your earliest memory?

I remember riding in the very back of my family’s station wagon, with the back window down and being tired and cold. My dad wouldn’t roll the window up so I tried wrapping myself up in whatever I could find–blankets, coats, towels. Don’t know how old I was but I still love going to sleep a little chilly.

If you weren’t a comedian, what other profession would you choose?

Blackjack dealer in Vegas.