The powers that be at TNB — the most powerful forces of good ever assembled, if you believe our tagline — are contemplating making our collective presence known two weeks from now, at BEA in New York. [Rejected ideas: 1. Capture the Flag inside the Javitts Center; 2) Pin the moustache on Shya Scanlon; 3) Slut Lullaby Flash Mob*.]

Please let us/the world know if you’re planning to attend, or will otherwise be in the Five Boroughs environs during the penultimate week of May. (Email Greg or Brad, or just leave a comment below).

Thank you.

–The Management

* I don’t know what that even means, but it sounds like a good time, no?

1. Spending all your downtime at the bar is, at once, the absolute best and absolute worst thing you can do.

2. Tom’s of Maine natural deodorant does not stand up to the pressure of meeting, every two minutes, a new person who seems to quite casually wield the power to make or break your embryonic career.