Furious_Cool_Richard_Pryor_and_the_World_That_Made_HimThe first time Richard showed up for Miss Juliette Whittaker’s Youth Theater Guild at Peoria’s Carver Community Center, they were in the midst of rehearsing a play based on the fairy tale Rumpelstiltskin. All the parts had been cast, but Richard was so eager and insistent, Miss Whittaker gave him a role as a servant.

He was a “skinny little kid” in his mid-teens, she remembered, although “he looked about nine.”

One day, the boy playing the king was absent and Richard begged her to let him fill in. He knew the king’s lines. He knew everyone’s lines. “The other kids just broke up, he was so funny. When the original king returned, even he had to admit that Richard was better in the part. “So Richard stayed on the throne,” she was fond of saying, “and he hasn’t come down since.”

Please explain what just happened.

I spilled my latte all over an old man sitting too close to me at Starbucks.


What is your earliest memory?



If you weren’t a comedian, what other profession would you choose?

Chef, or maybe farmer.

I have a weird obsession with religious figures. I’m not very well versed in theology, and I’m not even all that interested in it, but time after time I find myself including Jesus, God and Satan as characters in the things I write.

Please explain what just happened.

There’s a girl parked out front who comes by sometimes and just smokes pot in her car and does homework or something for like an hour.


Please explain what just happened.

Right before I opened this document, a rerun of Cold Case started on TNT HD and my chihuahua climbed up on my shoulders and wrapped herself around my neck to nap.


Please explain what just happened.

I am filming a scene in a supernatural thriller and the ghost made something fall on me. I did my lines perfectly twice in a row.