felony face
cuts down the alley
like a cold breeze
police sirens
sing the same name
as last night
darkness covers
the bloody footprints
of a young desperado
as he stumbles
inside the gentleman’s
john—rundown exxon
new address
for the dispossessed
a spider-cracked mirror
hides out-of-luck eyes
hard as roman nails—
bony back to the wall
he slips to the floor
at nothing at all
shaky tones falling
into a full-blown hack
bell-cracked saxophone
death-rattle tones
round & round
the obscene sanctuary
top floor of hell
that smells
like a waiting room
for the cemetery

What audience do you hope to reach in your poems, if any?

I don’t write for any particular audience. I do enjoy giving my books to friends. I get a big kick when any of these people, especially the ones I know who don’t read poetry, tell me they’ve found things they like or can relate to in some way. That means a lot more to me than a good review in a magazine or selling books.