My wife Dawn and I took our dog Ginny to classes. We took her to playgroups. We gave her love and affection and discipline and water, plenty of water, because a dog was supposed to have fresh water at all times. And for all our efforts, our German shepherd was behaving worse every day, her latest victim the UPS guy, who now dropped off his packages at the foot of the driveway after the last encounter, which had involved teeth, pants, and unwanted ripping of fabric. Let’s just say it was a good thing he was wearing brown.

Where we last left off in Part II of our series

My girlfriend and I had just brought home our new cat

We had named her Asha (Sanskrit, meaning Hope)

Like I said in Part I of this post…


Pretty much all my life
I’ve been a Dog Person

Not a Cat Person

Pretty much all my life I’ve been a dog person

Growing up
There’s always been one breed or another
In my house