renee1So what’s Dollface about?

About 416 pages.


No, c’mon, seriously what’s it about. Don’t you have one of those pithy elevator pitches handy?

Well, um, okay, here goes… Dollface is a novel about a flapper who falls in love with two mobsters from rival gangs during Prohibition Chicago.


“You don’t smile much, do you,” said the man next to me.

“Smiling gets me into trouble.”

“I’m sure it does.” His eyes wandered the length of my body, from my shoulders to my shoes. I wondered if he could tell that I’d faked my stockings and that my seams had been drawn on with an eyebrow pencil. I tucked one leg behind the other, hop­ing to hide my ingenuity.

It was Friday night and I was at the Five Star, sitting next to this nameless man who’d just bought me my second bourbon.