Please explain what just happened.

I’m not really sure, nor do I care.  But I think it had something to do with Dennis Lyxzén.


What is your earliest memory?

I remember being a baby of the barely walking variety.  Something about camping and my mother bathing me in a green plastic washbasin on a campground table.


For literature, good literature has always been a minority interest.  It’s cultural importance derives not from its success in some sort of ratings war but from its success in telling us things about ourselves that we hear from no other quarter.  And that minority – the minority that is prepared to read and buy good books – has in truth never been larger than it is now.  The problem is to interest it.  What is happening is not so much the death as the bewilderment of the reader.

Salman Rushdie In Defense of the Novel, Yet Again from Step Across This Line