SPOILER ALERT:  In this installment, we’ll be discussing Part 3 of Room, and all aspects of the plot through page 155 of the novel.


Part 3 of Room.  “Dying.”  Easily the most dramatic, pulse-quickening section of the book so far — and one that delivers a considerable twist.

Part 2 of Room: “Unlying.”  Ma and JackerJack in continued confinement.  More information about the circumstances of their entrapment, the history of it, their bleak but resourceful day-to-day. A fuller picture of Ma’s past.  Her brother Paul.  Her parents.  Her hopes that they’re still alive.  (A reasonable expectation, considering she’s only 26.)

By request, we’re gonna open up a thread for those who have finished Room and want to discuss the full novel.  So a spoiler alert for any TNB Book Club members who have not yet had a chance to finish.  Do not read the comment board on this thread.

I’ve been a little bit outta commission this week, as my wife and I welcomed a baby daughter on Thursday—great timing, kid!—but I wanted to get the conversation started about Emma Donoghue’s Room, the first title selected for the new TNB Book Club, which kicks off this week.