Please explain what just happened.

I farted.

What is your earliest memory?

Sticking a rock up my nose when I was about four years old.   My mother had to take me to the emergency room to have it removed.  The doctor gave me a sucker.  I was thrilled.

If you weren’t an artist, what other profession would you choose?

If I was not an artist I would probably … ummmm… like being a farmer maybe?  A crop farmer.  Not one who had to slaughter animals.  Maybe soy beans. Yeah. A soy bean farmer. Or corn.


Please explain what just happened.

Electrochemical conditions on a certain planet orbiting a certain star caused certain molecules to organize into more complex systems that were capable of self-sustenance and reproduction. The success of these systems gave rise to new, even more complex systems, and eventually self-contained individuals emerged. The wide variety of local conditions on the planet’s surface promoted a level of cellular specialization, creating groups of individuals with similar characteristics and functional traits. Millions of life species evolved on this small planet, all of them adapting to each other and their surroundings with varying degrees of clumsiness. One of those species developed a form of self-consciousness that caused a disconnection with their surroundings and changed their relationship with other species. They decided to call themselves “humans,” and here we are.