Keith Dixon’s newest book, a memoir with more than forty recipes, follows a rich history of novelists like Orwell, Zola and Hemingway—whose interests (some might say obsessions) with food, drink and eating spilled over into their writing.

Chime in below with some examples of your favorite food writing by novelists, and we’ll automatically enter you in a drawing for three free copies of Cooking for Gracie.


JC: Thanks to everyone who joined in last week’s giveaway. We’ll expect to see some polished short films from the winners in the near future!

If you’ve paid attention this week, you’ve noticed that we like Sam Munson. We hope you will too, so here’s an opportunity:  In the comments section (at 3G1B, TNB folks), name your favorite adolescent protagonist, and tell us why, and get a chance to win one of five copies of SM’s new novel The November Criminals.