All right, interview time. You’ve been doing interviews in advance of the publication of Happy Talk, your new novel out this month from Red Lemonade, but nothing quite like this. A self-interview is, I believe, a first for you. Let’s start by asking if there is anything you’d rather not get asked.

I’d like not to talk about my failed Robin Williams impression.

imageIt’s the Haiti of 1955 and various American crews have descended upon the Magic Island for myriad purposes. Often at odds, in one corner, you have the Nightingale student nurses, and in the other, a boozy New York film crew made up of Useless Bums. Yet in this scene, center stage is taken by the Dynaflow Institute with its dedication to building lightweight “capsule” homes transportable by hot air balloon and other innovative products. Happy talk ensues.


She yanks her linens off the lines, crumples them into her basket, and stomps back toward St. Marc’s. Stuart slinks into the grove until his face stops smarting and his pride returns.