“between the birthmark and the stain
between the ocean and your open vein
between the snowman and the rain
once again…. Love calls you by your name”

            Leonard Cohen, “Love Calls You By Your Name”

Matt is my man. He helps me to unwind.
Without him I’m a scarecrow people fear.
I pull out slowly, and my back tires grind
The gravel like the saws you sometimes hear.
Seeing Matt’s name carved in the steering wheel,

I lift my razor blade, and start to trace
The jagged letters… Then I turn, and peel
Out like Dale Earnhardt. I can see Matt’s face
That last night we made love: wrathful, unreal.
When I was coming, he jerked from my kiss.

The Fire Setter

By Jeff Holt


He waited on the bed for her to come,
Fists clenched, legs twitching like electric wire
Storms rip from poles. He bit into his thumb,
His round cheeks glowing like the mighty fire
He’d set at dawn. His lighter’s hungry spark
Had multiplied and swarmed through yellowed brush,
Awakening the cold, abandoned park.
Watching flames rage, he’d felt his chilled skin flush.