At the supermarket yesterday, I was greeted by patriotic bouquets and signs to celebrate the Day of Remembrance, next to displays of blueberries, strawberries, shortcakes and whipped cream. Has September 11th become another Fourth of July, an occasion for barbeque and red, white, and blue?

Originally published by Press Media Group and appeared in the 24 February 2010 issue of The Lynchburg Ledger newspaper and subsequent issues. Photo by Amber S. Clark.

Photo by Amber S. Clark

Read the reviewPretend this is either an episode of Charlie Rose or a New Yorker podcast and I am a bewhiskered Deborah Treisman with an exorbitant amount of testosterone. For those of you just joining us, I am talking with New York based novelist, Greg Olear, author of the murder mystery/social satire Totally Killer (Harper, 2009). And by talking, I mean I e-mailed Mr. Olear and he didn’t report me to the FBI for stalking.