There have been a lot of posts about love in recent months–finding it, losing it, what’s the right kind, what’s the proper duration, is it really even worth it?  Eccetera.

It reminded me that I went through a phase, some years ago, in which I was obsessed with the philosophy of Platonic Love.  It’s my favorite kind of love.  It’s the most interesting–and, I think, most delicate and complicated–kind.

JR: For some reason Ms. Adams first novel, Harbor, slipped under my radar, and upon discovering The Room and the Chair, (thanks DH) I realized that it was impossible not to revisit her debut novel. I’m half way through The Room and the Chair right now, and I feel ashamed that it’s taken me this long to discover Ms. Adams and her quicksilver prose. She flirts with the thriller genre, while keeping the narrative grounded in Washington, DC, and doesn’t insult us with dyed in the wool characters we’ve seen before. I especially like Mabel, a central figure in this story, and her interactions with the men she stalks, Mabel is funny and sharp, painfully observant, and it’s this kind of writing that grabs me with an acute ferociousness, by reminding me that the literary novel is alive and well.