Of course “The TNBlog” is not an accurate abbreviation, because spelled out it becomes THE THE NERVOUS BREAKDOWN LOG.  And that both makes no sense and, worse, evokes the memory of an 80s band that even I think is crappy.

You may observe that the new look of the site is a touch more formal than its predecessor. This…I hesitate to call it “facelift,” because I don’t want to equate TNB with Joan Rivers‘s grizzled face…this enhancement is due to the thankless hard work of Our Fearless Leader, Brad Listi, with a big assist from John Singleton, who is, as it happens, a hustler of more than just words.  Were TNB the planet of the Ewoks, we would put these two gentlemen in chairs and parade them around our Ewok village.  They are our C3POs.  And I mean that in the best possible way.