kim_Triedman_The_Other_RoomWere you really planning on wearing that?

What – I thought you liked this outfit…


But for your first interview?!  I mean, you could have tried, don’t you think?  This is when people form their first impressions of you as a writer.

Oh, for God’s sake, does anyone really care if I show up in my Red Sox hat and pajamas?  At least I brushed my teeth this morning.  And what kind of a feminist are you anyway??  Would you be asking Jonathan Franzen about his fashion choices?

The-Other-Room-cover-200x300This was the amazing thing: I could walk into a roomful of strangers and nobody would know. My body and my face would move through the world as though nothing had happened, swaddling their secrets. I used to walk down the street pretending I was someone coming up from the other direction, imagining what I looked like from the outside. It was not a game, but it was something I did, I could not help it. Carrying groceries in from the car I would rest by the stoop and think: I am a woman carrying groceries into her house.