Christine Sneed is the guest. Her new novel, Little Known Facts, was featured on the cover of the New York Times Book Review last week. It is available now from Bloomsbury.

Also this episode: a conversation with Stephanie Barber, author of the new book Night Moves, available now from Publishing Genius Press.


SneedYou wrote a novel, Little Known Facts, about a family in Hollywood.  What business do you have doing that?  For one, you’re not from a Hollywood family.

Hey, it’s fiction – not memoir!  I get to make things up.  I’ve been interested in movies my whole life, in the huge personalities that make films, and in the fascination many of us have with famous people.  I wanted to see what would happen if I wrote about all of these things at one time.


What happened when you did?

I had the most fun of my life.

cover21220-mediumBecause she does not want to be unkind, even when provoked, she will never admit that she was initially attracted to him because of his father.  The two men look enough alike that for the first few weeks she dated Will, it felt as if she were with the famous man rather than his undistinguished son.  She knows that Will suspects this fact; he has teased her about how he is sure that she wishes the actor rather than his boring son were offering to take her to San Francisco for a long weekend, or to Rome or Rio or Montreal, wherever it is she wants to go.  They can travel anywhere she would like to because he can give her many of the same things his father can.  He isn’t famous but he is young and has money, although he isn’t the person who earned most of it.  He also has time, which his famous father generally does not.