Cari (online small)What ran through your head when you heard about the self-interview?

It struck me as sadistically brilliant.  But as it sunk in, I realized there was considerable pressure to try to be interesting and/or insightful and/or witty on both sides of the Q and the A.  But, I wouldn’t have to worry about being misquoted.  Then again, if I didn’t end up sounding interesting/insightful/witty, I couldn’t blame it on being misquoted.  Apparently, they don’t call this The Nervous Breakdown for nothing.

ImageI come from a long line of whores.

In my nine decades on this earth I have never uttered these words, let alone seen them written, in my own hand, indelibly staring back at me. But now, as a summer storm rages strong enough to send the Pontchartrain right through my front door, I sit with a curious sense of peace and clarity. My past is more than just my own history. Although this story shames me in so many ways, it is the legacy I leave. I must embrace the very truth I spent my life denying.

I come from a long line of whores.