Evan Rose breathed deeply. He held the air in his lungs and let it out slowly, waiting for the inner tranquility to arrive per dictum of his yoga teacher Dale Barkin. This was supposed to create harmony, inner peace, and since Evan was caught in his own wires, dangling off a tree, hanging over the ground, bone poking out of his skin everywhere, a little inner tranquility was due. Amazingly, it was the memory of the mistake that was most painful: he should have accelerated after the whip-stall, but he hadn’t been able to make himself do it. It was basic: accelerate during free fall and get lift in the chute. He had trained and trained, but when the moment finally came he had let himself drop. And it wasn’t just his pilot training that had failed him, his level of panic was also an indictment against the yoga classes. If he ever got back home, there was going to be an awful lot of litigation before this would be settled.

I hate you.



I’m kidding.

Oh. Er… Ha ha….


Mostly kidding.  So, you’ve interviewed a number of writers, novelists and poets etcetera, for Fifth Wednesday Journal and other magazines. Any lessons about interviewing that can use now that you’re the one being interviewed?

That’s a great question! I like the way you phrased that. One thing for sure is that flattering the interviewer about the question never hurts. And it’s nice to provide a snack.