The boys are back in town! Or at least, they will be soon. With the script still in development, it’s not too late for someone to incorporate one of my ideas for the next chapter.

A Very Ghost Busters Wedding
Following the passage of New York’s Marriage Equality Act, Dr. Raymond Stantz proposes to his long time lover and the Ghost Busters are reunited for the celebration. But when a group of politically conservative ghosts gets wind of the ceremony they start making trouble for the grooms and their guests. Ghost-protesters (ghotesters?) arrive by the thousands and, armed with propaganda (like how “crossing the streams” is forbidden by the Bible, or some shit), start committing “hate slimes” all over Chelsea. Ray Parker, Jr., rewrites the theme song (“Who Ya Gonna Love?”) and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man cameos as “Rowdy Parade Goer #1.”

Alien vs Ghost
The nation’s armed forces get in over their heads when New York City is invaded by a hostile Alien species. Who are they gonna call?  That’s right. Peter Venkman and crew are pulled out of retirement to help battle the space invaders. Luckily, they’ve developed a way to train the ghosts they’ve captured and before the aliens know what’s slimed them, they are chased out of the city by an army of ghosts. Sigourney Weaver does double duty as both Dana Barrett and Ellen Ripley, both in various stages of undress.

The Ghostbusters Meet the Ghost Bustettes
When the boys are held captive by a gang of mafia ghosts, it’s up to their wives to gear up and save the day. The gals discover just how good ‘Bustin’ makes them feel and don’t want to quit, even after their mission is accomplished. A battle of sexes ensues, as each group competes for the city’s limited ‘Busting business. But when an ancient transgender demon ghost wreaks havoc on the city, the ‘Busters and the ‘Bustettes must learn to work together. Introducing the ghost of Justin Bieber as “Baby Slimer”.

Ghost-Ghostbusters Busters
When the Ghostbusters are killed in a building fire, they begin haunting the city they once loved. It’s up to a young parapsychology student and his friends to come, see and kick the ass of the ghost-Ghostbusters. William Atherton returns as EPA Inspector, “Walter Peck” and Alec Baldwin makes an appearance as EPA Inspector-inspector, “Stephen Baldwin.” Ray Parker, Jr., rewrites the theme song (“NOW Who Ya Gonna Call?”)

Ghostbusters 3D
All the same shit as before, but in 3D.