Matthew Salesses is the author of several books and was the guest in Episode 145 of the Otherppl podcast. His wife, Cathreen, is fighting stomach cancer. They have two young children.

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100% of all proceeds go to the Matt and Cathreen’s Cancer Treatment Family Fund.

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mssmallerWhy do people say Pirates of the CarriBEan and not Pirates of the CarRIbean?

Ah, the age old question.


What’s the most important question in any interview?

What are you reading right now! Answer: The Language of Blood, by Jane Jeong Trenka; Southern Cross the Dog, by Bill Cheng; The Alligators of Abraham, by Robert Kloss.

16256715SMALLBad Habits

When it got late, the boy could guess I would make him leave soon. I was as alone with my drink as I always was. He tapped the glass with a dirty fingernail. Then he studied the fingernail and heaved a series of sighs. I covered my drink. I didn’t want to see what would come out of him. I figured his fingernails were too long, so he was thinking about his mom, who usually cut them. I didn’t know where the clippers were; I had always bit my nails to the skin.

Matthew Salesses is the guest. He is the author of two chapbooks, Our Island of Epidemics and We Will Take What We Can Get, a novella called The Last Repatriate, and his new novel is called I’m Not Saying, I’m Just Saying (Civil Coping Mechanisms).

A round-up of high quality tweets from people in the world of literature…

Sean Ferrell: