Another year has come and gone, and it’s time once again to present The Nobbies, the official book awards of The Nervous Breakdown.

Below you’ll find this year’s winners, our picks for the best books of 2012.

Congrats to the victors, and their publishers.

And thanks, as always, for reading.


Please explain what just happened.

I judged a high school/middle school battle of the bands. Female art-rockers prevailed over arena-ready, emo-tinted boy rock. Every one of the four categories of winners had a girl in the band–and only one was a high school band. The middle-schoolers were, predictably, more of a shambling lot, but were a lot stranger, and funnier, in their creative choices.


What is your earliest memory?

Disneyland. I’m in a stroller, and one of the seven dwarves is looming over me.


If you weren’t a musician what other profession would you choose?

Penniless song collector.

My wife is pregnant.




Claire is fertilizing my seed, so to say, and supposedly on June 6th we’ll have a full grown zucchini ready for bucketing.*