Cathy DaveCathy Alter: We spent a lot of time thinking about celebrities and thinking about what our crushes (and by “our,” I mean the collective our) meant to us back when we had them and what they mean to us now. So the first thing I want to ask you after bathing in the stew is this: If you could be any celebrity for a day, who would you be?

JESSA: Can you bring me a glass of water?

CASEY: Yeah. Why do you always wait until you’re in bed and I’m not yet to decide you want a glass of water?

JESSA: Because I’m great. And I deserve to have you take care of me.

CASEY: Shoot. We forgot to do that self-interview for The Nervous Breakdown.

JESSA: What were you gonna say?

We had only been sleeping together for a couple of months when he died of a sudden, inexplicable, deadly illness with no known treatment which killed him before I’d even heard he’d been hospitalized. The day after he died a friend of a friend let me know, a girl I’d never met whose voice kept breaking up. I’d thought it was bad reception. She was sobbing. I didn’t know what to say so I hung up and went to the bar.

“How terrible,” people at the bar said.

It was terrible.

“You must be shocked.”

I was shocked.