There is a lot of post-apocalyptic fiction coming out these days reflective of society’s state of mind. We’re expecting the end times, waiting for everything to crumble. Religion and the media just perpetuate the sentiment, and the imagined methods of our destruction are as varied as the timelines.

In the beginning of You Can Make Him Like You, the new novel by Ben Tanzer, the narrator introduces himself: “Hello, my name is Keith, and I am a selfish cocksucker.” From that point forward, hearing Keith’s voice was just like hearing my own voice, but the version of me I don’t have to live with. Which makes it that much more entertaining.

Stay God is Baltimore noir starring 20-something drug dealing cinephiles. Damon, the lead in this movie-infused drug-and-love story, strives to placate, and to embrace his girlfriend’s dreams of a better future while sadly failing to even maintain their delicate present. Theirs is a relationship mortared by a genuine affection, by a shared love of obscure movies and music. This is the relationship we all want, and therefore the relationship we all want to succeed. But Mary’s past relationship with Damon’s supplier proves to be a difficult hurdle.