Another year has come and gone, and it’s time once again to present The Nobbies, the official book awards of The Nervous Breakdown.

Below you’ll find this year’s winners, our picks for the best books of 2012.

Congrats to the victors, and their publishers.

And thanks, as always, for reading.


Roll out the red carpet, put the Moet & Chandon on ice, and slip into your tux (if you’re a guy) or your finest gown (if you’re a woman or Rich Ferguson at a TNB-LE).

That’s right, the world’s most-coveted literary awards are almost here: the Second-Annual Nobbies!

One week from today — Friday, December 10, in case you’re not near your calendar or you’re too lazy to look one up on Google — we will be announcing the winners of the 2010 Nobbies, given each year to the best books of the year as selected by the good folks at TNB.

Sure, there’s no cash prize associated with the award.  Nor is there, strictly speaking, an award.  But that doesn’t mean winning the award is not an impressive achievement.

As you spend the next week preparing the fatted calf for the Nobbie feast, take a look at last year’s honorees.